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Submarines in the Pacific
List of submarines, midget submarines and submersible cargo containers
Imperial Japanese Navy Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN)

J1 type submarine
I-1  sunk January 29, 1943 off Kamimbo Bay, Guadalcanal
I-3  sunk December 9, 1942 off Kamimbo Bay, Guadalcanal

Type A1 submarine
I-10  sunk July 4, 1944

Type AM submarine
I-12  sunk November 13, 1944
I-14  sunk May 28, 1946 off Barber's Point on Oahu

Type B1 submarine
I-15  sunk November 10, 1942

Type C1 submarine
I-16  sunk May 19, 1944
I-17  sunk August 19, 1943
I-18  sunk February 11, 1943 *
I-19  sunk November 25, 1943 by depth charge attacks by USS Radford (DD-446)

Type C1 submarine
I-20  presumed lost November 18, 1943 off Espiritu Santo
I-21  probably sunk November 29, 1943 off Gilbert Islands **
I-22  missing December 12, 1942

Type B1 submarine
I-24  sunk June 11, 1943 off Shemya Island
I-25  likely sunk August 25, 1942
I-26  sunk October 25, 1944 off Samar
I-27  sunk February 25, 1944 in the Indian Ocean
I-36  scuttled April 1, 1946 off Goto Island
I-37  sunk November 19, 1944

Type B2 submarine
I-43  sunk February 15, 1944 by USS Aspro SS-309 north of Truk
I-46  sunk November 1944 **

Type C2 submarine
I-47  scuttled April 1, 1945 off Goto Island
I-52  sunk June 24, 1944 roughly 1,200 miles west of the Cape Verde islands
I-55 (I-155)  scuttled May 8, 1946
I-55  missing after July 13, 1944
I-58  scuttled April 1, 1945 off Goto Island
I-60  sunk January 17, 1942
I-70  sunk December 10, 1944 north of Hawaii

I-121-class submarine
I-121  scuttled April 30, 1946 wreckage found July 2018
I-122  sunk June 10, 1945

Kaidai type, KD6-class submarine
I-169 "Shinohara" (I-69)  sunk April 4, 1944

Kaidai type, KD7-class
I-176  sunk May 16, 1944
I-177  sunk October 3, 1944 *
I-178  sunk June 18, 1943 *
I-179  sunk July 14, 1943 accidentally off Akizaki
I-180  sunk April 16, 1944
I-181  sunk March 1, 1944

I-201-class submarine
I-201  sunk May 23, 1946 off Barber's Point on Oahu

I-400-class submarine Sentoku Type
I-400  sunk June 4, 1946 off Barber's Point on Oahu
I-401  sunk May 31, 1946 off Barber's Point on Oahu
I-402  scuttled April 1, 1945 off Goto Island
I-403  never completed, likely scrapped
I-404  scrapped postwar

Kriegsmarine Type IXC U-Boat
RO-500 (U-511) scuttled April 30, 1946 wreckage found 2018

Kriegsmarine Type IXD2 U-boat
I-501  (U-181) scuttled February 12, 1946
I-502  (U-862) scuttled February 13, 1946

Kaichū type submarine (K6 subclass)
RO-33  sunk August 29, 1942 at Kiska Harbor
RO-34  sunk April 7, 1942 off San Cristobal by USS Strong
RO-35  sunk August 25, 1943 by USS Patterson (DD-392)
RO-50  sunk April 1, 1946 off Kinai Island / Goto Island
RO 60  grounded December 9, 1941
RO-65  sunk September 28, 1942

Ro-100-class submarine
RO-100  sunk November 24, 1943
RO-101  sunk September 15 , 1943
RO-102  sunk after May 9, 1943
RO-105  sunk May 31, 1944
RO-106  sunk May 22, 1944
RO-108  sunk May 26, 1944 by USS England (DE-635) Hedgehog attack
RO-107  missing after July 6, 1943
RO-109  sunk April 25, 1945 off Okinawa
RO-116  sunk May 24, 1944 by USS England (DE-635) Hedgehog attack

I-121-class submarine
I-123  (Submarine No. 50) sunk August 29, 1942
I-124  sunk January 21, 1942 off Darwin

Type A
Midget Submarines
HA-8 Type A midget submarine  scuttled December 3, 1942 off Guadalcanal
HA-10 Type A midget submarine  missing November 28, 1942 off Guadalcanal
HA-11 Type A midget submarine scuttled November 7, 1942 off Cape Esperance, salvaged 1944
HA-14 Type A midget submarine (M27)  scuttled May 31, 1942 Sydney Harbor salvaged displayed AWM
HA-16 Type A midget submarine (Midget E)  sunk December 7, 1941 discovered 2009
HA-16 Type A midget submarine (M16b)  missing May 30, 1942 off Diego-Suarez on Madagascar, one crew washed ashore
HA-18 Type A midget submarine (Midget D)  sunk December 7, 1941 salvaged 1960 displayed Eta Jima
HA-19 Type A midget submarine (Midget C)  grounded December 7, 1941 displayed National Museum of the Pacific War
HA-20 Type A midget submarine (Midget A)  sunk December 7, 1941 by USS Ward discovered August 28, 2002 by HURL
HA-20b Type A midget submarine (M20b)  beached May 30, 1942 on Madagascar crew killed in gunfight June 2, 1942
HA-21 Type A midget submarine (M22)  sunk June 1, 1942 salvaged displayed AWM and RAN Heritage Centre
HA-22 Type A midget submarine  scuttled off Cape Esperance on Guadalcanal
HA-22 Type A midget submarine (Midget B)  sunk December 7, 1941 salvaged and buried at USN Submarine Base at Pearl Harbor
HA-24 Type A midget submarine (M24)  sunk June 1, 1942 Sydney Harbor discovered November 12, 2006
HA-30 Type A midget submarine  scuttled November 11, 1942 off Guadalcanal
HA-37 Type A midget submarine  scuttled November 19, 1942 off Guadalcanal
Type A midget submarine (Cape Esperance 1943)  salvaged July 17, 1943 transported to United States
Type A midget submarine (Cape Esperance 1944)  salvaged 1944 ultimate fate unknown
Type A midget submarine (Cape Esperance 1945)  salvaged 1945 ultimate fate unknown
Type A midget submarine (Submarine Force Museum)  salvaged from Guadalcanal displayed at Submarine Force Museum
Type A midget submarine (Kiska No. 1)  abandoned July 23, 1943 at Kiska
Type A midget submarine (Kiska No. 2)  abandoned July 23, 1943 at Kiska
Type A midget submarine (Kiska No. 3)  abandoned July 23, 1943 at Kiska
Type A midget submarine (Composite)  complete made from bow of M22 and center/stern of M27 at Australian War Memorial (AWM)

Type B Midget Submarines
HA-52 Type B midget submarine  sunk February 16, 1944 off New Hanover
HA-53 Type B Midget Submarine discovered 2011 in Simpson Harbour

Kaiten No. 1 Lt(jg) Nishina Sekio  sunk November 20, 1944 USS likely hit Mississinewa (AO-59)
Kaiten Type 1 (Ulithi Reef)  sunk November 20, 1944
Kaiten Type 1  displayed at Yūshūkan (Yasukuni Museum)
Kaiten Type 4  displayed at Yūshūkan (Yasukuni Museum)
Kaiten Type 10  displayed at Kure Maritime Museum
Kaiten Type 2  displayed at History and Folklore Museum in Yamaguchi
Kaiten Type 4  displayed at the New Jersey Naval Museum
Kaiten Type 1  displayed at the Keyport Naval Submarine Museum
Kaiten Type 4  displayed at USS Bowfin Submarine Museum
Kaiten Type 4  displayed at Royal Navy Submarine Museum

Type D Koryu Midget Submarines

Type D Kairyu Midget submarine  displayed at Yamato Museum

Unpoto / Oogata Unkato
Unpoto (Cannon Carrier, Cannon Sled)  used to land cargo in New Guinea and the Solomons
Oogata Unkato No. 1 (Large Type Cargo Transporting Tube No. 1)  abandoned near Kokopo, used as water carrier postwar

Royal Netherlands Navy Koninklijke Marine (Royal Netherlands Navy)
Hr. Ms. K IX (HMAS K9)  washed ashore June 8, 1945 scrapped
Hr. Ms. K XVIII  scuttled March 2, 1942 later raised by Japanese as air warning picket, sunk June 16, 1945 by HMS Taciturn
Hr. Ms. Zwaardvisch (P322, Zwaardvisch) sold for scrap July 12, 1963 scrapped afterwards

Kriegsmarine Kriegsmarine (German Navy)
UIT-23 (Reginaldo Giuliani)  sunk February 14, 1944 [ details ]
U-168  sunk October 6, 1944 by a torpedo fired by Dutch submarine HrMs Zwaardvisch (P 322)
U-181 (I-501)  transferred to the Imperial Japanese Navy scuttled February 12, 1946
U-183  sunk April 23, 1945 by a torpedo fired by USS Besugo SS-321
U-188  scuttled August 25, 1944
U-196  sunk December 1, 1944 (?) [ details ]
U-511 (RO-500) scuttled April 30, 1946
U-532  sunk December 9, 1945 by torpedo fired by HMS Tantivy
U-533  sunk off Gulf of Oman by depth charges from RAF Bisley from No. 244 Squadron
U-537 sunk November 9, 1944 [ details ]
U-859 sunk September 23, 1944 [ details ]
U-862 (I-502) transferred to the Imperial Japanese Navy scuttled February 15, 1946

Royal Australian Navy Royal Navy (RN)
HMS Taciturn (P314)  scrapped August 1971
HMS Thorough (P324)  scrapped June 1962

Royal Australian Navy Royal Australian Navy (RAN)
HMAS AE1  missing September 14, 1914
HMAS AE2  scuttled April 30, 1915

Soviet Union Soviet Union (USSR)
L-15  ultimate fate unknown
L-16  sunk October 11, 1942 by I-25
L-19  sunk August 24, 1945 cause unknown, possibly impacted mine

United States Navy United States Navy (USN)
USS S-30 (SS-135)  scrapped December 1946
USS S-32 (SS-137)  scrapped May 1946
USS S-39 (SS-144)  grounded August 14 1942 and abandoned
USS S-44 (SS-155)  sunk east of the Kamchatka Peninsula
USS Argonaut (SS-166, SM-1/SF-7/SS-166/APS-1)  sunk by enemy attack January 10, 1943
SS-144 (S-39)  grounded August 14, 1942 abandoned crew rescued
SS-146 (S-41)  scrapped November 1946
USS Argonaut (SS-166)  sunk January 10, 1943
USS Narwhal (SS-167)  scrapped 1945
USS Nautilus (V-6, SC-2, SS-168)  scrapped November 16, 1945
USS Thresher (SS-200)  sold for scrap March 18, 1948
USS Rasher (SS-269, SSR 269, AGSS 269, IXSS-269)  scrapped August 7, 1974
USS Raton (SS-270)  scrapped October 12, 1973
USS Ray (SS-271)  scrapped December 18, 1960
USS Porpoise (SS-172)  scrapped 1957
USS Pike (SS-173)  scrapped January 14, 1957
USS Shark (SS-174)  likely sunk February 11, 1942
USS Tarpon (SS-175)  sunk Aug 26, 1957
USS Perch (SS-176)  sunk March 3, 1942 off Surabaya
USS Pickerel (SS-177)  sunk April 3, 1943 north of Honshu
USS Permit (SS-178)  scrapped June 28, 1958
USS Plunger (SS-179)  scrapped April 22, 1957
USS Pollack (SS-180)  scrapped February 2, 1947
USS Pompano (SS-181) sunk September 1943
USS Skipjack (SS-184)  sunk August 11, 1948 as target
USS Snapper (SS-185)  scrapped May 18, 1943
USS Stingray (SS-186)  scrapped January 6, 1947
USS Sturgeon (SS-187)  scrapped June 12, 1948
USS Saury (SS-189)  scrapped May 19, 1947
USS Spearfish (SS-190)  scrapped May 19, 1947
USS Sculpin (SS-191)  scuttled November 19, 1943 off Truk
USS Swordfish (SS-193)  sunk January 12, 1945 off Ryukyu Islands
USS Seadragon (SS-194)  scrapped July 2, 1948
USS Sealion (SS-195)  scuttled December 25, 1941 at Cavite after air raid damage, the first USN submarine lost in WWII.
USS Searaven (SS-196)  sunk September 11, 1948
USS Seawolf (SS-197)  sunk by friendly fire October 4, 1944
USS Tambor (SS-198)  scrapped December 5, 1959
USS Tautog (SS-199)  scrapped July 1, 1960
USS Thresher (SS-200) scrapped March 18, 1948
USS Triton (SS-201)  sunk March 15, 1943
USS Trout (SS-202)  lost around February 29, 1944
USS Gar (SS-206)  scrapped December 11, 1959
USS Grampus (SS-207)  sunk February 18 or March 5, 1943 in the central Solomons
USS Grayback (SS-208)  sunk February 27, 1944
USS Grayling (SS-209)  sunk September 9, 1943 off Luzon, crew missing
USS Grenadier (SS-210)  scuttled April 22, 1943
USS Gudgeon (SS-211)  sunk April 18, 1944
USS Gato (SS-212)  scrapped 1961
USS Grouper (SS-214)  scrapped August 11, 1970
USS Grunion SS-216)  sunk July 31, 1942
USS Guardfish (SS-217)  sunk as a target October 10, 1961
USS Albacore SS-218)  likely sunk November 7, 1944 **
USS Amberjack SS-219)  sunk February 16, 1943
USS Blackfish (SS-221)  scrapped May 4, 1959
USS Bonefish (SS-223)  sunk June 18, 1945 in Toyama Bay
USS Cod (SS-224)  displayed at USS Cod Submarine Memorial
USS Corvina (SS-226)  sunk November 16, 1943
USS Darter (SS-227)  grounded October 25, 1944 at Bombay Shoal and abandoned
USS Drum (SS-228)  displayed Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile, AL
USS Flying Fish (SS-229)  scrapped May 1, 1959
USS Finback (SS-230)  scrapped July 15, 1959
USS Halibut (SS-232)  scrapped December 9, 1946
USS Herring (SS-233)  sunk June 1, 1944 by off Matsuwa in the Kurlie Islands
USS Kingfish (SS-234)  scrapped October 6, 1960
USS Silversidess (SS-236)  displayed at USS Silversides Submarine Museum in Muskegon, MI
USS Trigger (SS-237)  sunk March 28, 1945
USS Wahoo (SS-238)  sunk October 11, 1943 off La Perouse Strait
USS Whale (SS-239)  scrapped October 14, 1960
USS Dorado (SS-248)  missing after October 6, 1943
USS Flasher (SS-249)  scrapped June 8, 1963
USS Gurnard (SS-254)  scrapped October 29, 1961
USS Hoe (SS-258)  scrapped September 10, 1960
USS Lapon (SS-260, Poseidon S-78)  transfered to the Greece August 10, 1957 then stricken in 1976
USS Mingo (SS-261)
USS Paddle (SS-263)
USS Pargo (SS-264)
USS Peto (SS-265)  scrapped November 29, 1960
USS Pogy (SS-266)  scrapped May 1, 1959
USS Puffer (SS-268)  scrapped December 3, 1960
USS Rasher (SS-269)
USS Rasher (SS-266)  sold for scrap August 7, 1974
USS Robalo (SS-273)  sunk July 26, 1944 off Palawan
USS Runner (SS-275)  sunk June 22-39, 1943
USS Scamp (SS-277)  sunk November 11, 1944 with all hands north of Hachijō-jima to the south of Tokyo Bay
USS Snook (SS-279)   sunk Apri 8, 1945
USS Steelhead (SS-280)
USS Tunny (SS-282)  sunk June 19, 1970
USS Tinosa (SS-283)  sunk as a target November 1960
USS Tullibee (SS-284)  sunk March 26, 1944 accidentally by its own torpedo
USS Billfish (SS-286)
USS Bowfin (SS-287)  displayed Pearl Harbor at USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park
USS Cabrilla (SS-288)  scrapped April 18, 1972
USS Lionfish (SS-298)  displayed at Battleship Cove
USS Seahorse (SS-304)  sold for scrap December 4, 1968
USS Skate (SS-305)
USS Tang (SS-306)  sunk October 24, 1944 by own torpedo in Taiwan Strait
USS Tilefish (SS-307, ARV Carite S-11)  cannibalized for parts 1977
USS Apogon (SS-308)  sunk July 25, 1946 off Bikini Atoll during atomic bomb test "Baker"
USS Aspro (SS-309)  sunk November 16, 1962 off San Diego, CA
USS Burrfish (SS-312, SSR-312, HMCS Grilse SS-71)  sunk November 19, 1969 off San Clemente Island, CA
USS Sealion (SS-315)  sunk July 8, 2978 off Newport
USS Becuna (SS-319, AGSS-319)  displayed Independence Seaport Museum at Philadelphia, PA
USS Besugo (SS-321, AGSS-321)  transferred to Italy May 31, 1966 later returned scrapped 1977
USS Chub (SS-329)  transferred to Turkey as TCG Gür S 334 later returned and scrapped 1976
USS Bullhead (SS-332)  sunk August 6, 1945
USS Capitaine (SS-336, AGSS-336, Alfredo Cappellini S 507)  transferred to Italy scrapped circa 1977
USS Gunnel (SS-253)  scrapped December 1959
USS Lionfish (SS-298)  displayed Battleship Cove
USS Sealion (SS-315)  sunk as a target July 8, 1978
USS Golet (SS-361)  sunk June 14, 1944
USS Hardhead (SS-365) transferred to Greece, 26 July 1972, sold for scrap 1993
USS Kete (SS-369)  sunk March 20, 1945
USS Lagarto (SS-371)  sunk May 4, 1945 in Gulf of Thailand off Malaysia
USS Picuda (SS-382 Narciso Monturiol S-33)  transfered to Spain decommissioned April 30, 1977 and scrapped
USS Pampanito (SS-383)  displayed at Fisherman's Wharf operated by San Francisco Maritime Park Association
USS Plaice (SS-390, Bahia S-12)  scrapped 1973 in Brazil
USS Pomfret (SS-391)  transfered to Turkey as TCG Oruçreis (S 337)
USS Tigrone (SS-419, SSR-419, AGSS-419)  sunk as target off Cape Hatteras October 25, 1976
USS Tank (SS-564, AGSS-563, TCG Pirireis (S 343) transfered to Turkish Navy decommissioned 2004 displayed İnciraltı Sea Museum
USS Nautilus (SSN 571)  displayed at Submarine Force Library & Museum

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