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Medal of Honor
World War II Pacific War and Korean War

The Medal of Honor (MOH) is the United States of America (USA) highest military decoration earned for valor. The Medal of Honor can only be earned by an act of valor and is never awarded. Also known erroneously as the Congressional Medal of Honor because the medal is presented "in the name of Congress". Although the Medal of Honor is for military personnel, a special act of U. S. Congress bestowed the Medal of Honor on civilians including explorer Adolphus Greely in 1935 and aviation pioneer Charles A. Lindbergh in 1929 for his nonstop flight May 20-21, 1927 from New York across the Atlantic Ocean to Paris.

During World War II, there were two versions of the Medal of Honor. After the formation of the U. S. Air Force (USAF) on September 18, 1947, an Air Force version was created. On July 25, 1963 under Public Law 88-77 the requirements for the Medal of Honor were standardized among all branches of the military requiring that a recipient "distinguished himself conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. In the list below, (†) indicates the Medal of Honor earned posthumously.

World War II Pacific War (1941–1945)
Medal of Honor NavyMedal of Honor ArmyDuring American involvement in World War II (1941–1945) a total of 471 United States military personnel earned the Medal of Honor, 273 posthumously. Forty-two (42) Medal of Honor represented 9% of all earned by Americans in World War II were earned in two Pacific War actions: fifteen (15) on December 7, 1941 during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and Oahu and twenty-seven (27) earned on Iwo Jima. A total of 21 (4.5% of all World War II Medals of Honor) were earned by members of the all-Japanese American 100th Infantry Battalion of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team (442nd RCT) for actions during six campaigns. The only Medal of Honor earned by a member of the United States Coast Guard (USCG) was Sig 1c Douglas Munro on Guadalcanal. (†) indicates earned posthumously.

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Capt Franklin Van Valkenburgh, USN (December 7, 1941) †
James Richard Ward, USN (December 7, 1941) †
Cdr Cassin Young, USN (December 7, 1941)
Captain Isaac C. Kidd, USN (December 7, 1941) †
Ensign Francis C. Flaherty, USN (December 7, 1941) †

BM2 Owen F. P. Hammerber, USN (February 17, 1945) †

Major Henry T. Elrod, USMC (December 9–23, 1941) †

Brigadier General James H. Doolittle, USAAF (April 18, 1942 "Doolittle Raid" bombing raid against Japan)
LCdr Joseph T. O'Callahan, USN (March 19, 1945)
Lt(jg) Donald A. Gary, USN (March 19, 1945)
Pfc Henry E. Erwin (Apri 12, 1945)

Makin Island
Sgt Clyde Thomason, USMC (August 17–18, 1942) †

Mariana Islands
PFC Luther Skaggs, Jr, USMC
Sgt Grant Frederick Timmerman, USMC
Capt Louis Hugh Wilson, Jr, USMC
PFC Robert Lee Wilson, USMC
PFC Frank Peter Witek, USMC
Commander David McCampbell, USN June 19, 1944 F6F Hellcat pilot CAG-15 USS Essex CV-9
Sgt Thomas Baker, U. S. Army (July 7, 1944) Troy, NY †
Lt. Col William J. O'Brien, U. S. Army (July 7, 1944) Troy, NY †
Captain Ben L. Salomon, U. S. Army (July 7, 1944) † 27th Infantry Division, 105th Infantry Regiment Saipan

1/Lt Alexander Bonnyman, Jr
, USMCR (November 20-22, 1943) †
Col David Monroe Shoup, USMC (November 20–22, 1943)
1/Lt William Dean Hawkins, USMC (November 20–21, 1943) †
William James Bordelon, USMC (November 20, 1943) †

Midway Atoll
1st Lt. George H. Cannon, USMC (December 7, 1941) † Sand Island, Midway Atoll

Marshall Islands
Pvt Richard Keith Sorenson, USMC (February 1-2, 1944) Namur Island, Kwajalein Atoll

Lt. Col Aquilla James Dyess, USMC (February 2, 1944) †

Alaska, Attu
Joe P. Martinez, U. S. Army 7th Division, 32nd Infantry Regiment, Company K (May 26, 1943) †

New Guinea
Pvt Junior Van Noy, U. S. Army (October 17, 1943) †
Sgt Elmer J. Burr U. S. Army (December 24, 1942) †
Sgt Kenneth E. Greunnert U. S. Army (December 24, 1942) †
Brigadier General Kenneth N. Walker (January 5, 1943) †
Pvt. George Watson   (March 8, 1943) †
Captain Harl Pease Jr. (August 7, 1942) †
Maj Raymond H. Wilkins, USAAF (November 2, 1943) †
Lt (jg) Nathan Gordon, USN (February 15, 1944)
Col. Neel E. Kearby, USAAF (March 6, 1944) †
S/Sgt Gerald L. Endl, U. S. Army Drinimor River (July 11, 1944) †
Pvt Donald R. Lobaugh U. S. Army (July 22, 1944)
2nd Lt. Dale Eldon Christensen U. S. Army Drinimor River (August 4, 1944) †
2nd Lt. George W. G. Boyce, Jr. U. S. Army Drinimor River (July 23, 1944) †
Major Ralph Cheli, USAAF (August 18, 1943) †
Seaman Johnnie David Hutchins, USNR (September 4, 1943) †
Lt. Edward "Butch" O'Hare, USN February 20, 1942
Lt. Milton E. Ricketts, USN May 8, 1942 †

Submarine Operations
Cdr Howard Walter Gillmore, USN (Jan 10 - Feb 7, 1943)
Captain John Philip Cromwell, USN (November 19, 1943) †
Richard H. O'Kane, USN (October 23-24, 1944)
Cdr Samuel David Dealey, USN †
Howard W. Gilmore, USN †
Cdr George Levick Street, III, USN (April 14, 1945)

Sgt Robert Allen Owens, USMC (November 1, 1943) †
Sgt Herbert Joseph Thomas, USMC (November 7, 1943) †
PFC Henry Gurke, USMC (November 9, 1943) †
1/Lt Robert Murray Hanson, USMC (Nov 1, 1943–Jan 24, 1944) †

Luzon, Philippines (Defense of the Philippines)
2nd Lt. Alexander R. Nininger, Jr., U. S. Army 57th Infantry Regiment Philippine Scouts (January 12, 1942) †
General Johnathan M. Wainwright, U. S. Army (March 12–May 7, 1942)
General Douglas MacArthur, U. S. Army (April 1, 1942)
LtCdr John D. Bulkeley U. S. Navy (December 7, 1941-April 10, 1942)

Leyte, Philippines (Liberation of the Philippines)
PFC John F. Thorson, U. S. Army (October 28, 1944) †
Pfc William A. McWhorter (Easley, SC) U. S. Army 32nd Inf Div, 126 Inf Reg. Company M (December 5, 1944) †
Sgt Leroy Johnson (Oakdale, CA) U. S. Army 32nd Inf Div, 126th Inf Reg. (December 5, 1944) †
Pfc Dirk J. Vlug (Grand Rapids, MI) U. S. Army 32nd Inf Div, 126 Inf Reg. December 5, 1944)
Major Richard Ira Bong, USAAF (October 10, 1944–November 15, 1944) bestowed December 12, 1944
Capt Francis B. Wai, U. S. Army (October 20, 1944) †
Pfc George Benjamin, Jr. (U. S. Army 77th Inf Div) Dec 22, 1944 †

Luzon, Philippines (Liberation of the Philippines)
Pfc Thomas E. Atkins (Campobello, SC) Company A, 127th Inf Reg, 32nd Inf Div. March 10, 1945   Villa Verde Trail
S/Sgt Ysmael R. Villegas (Casa Blanca, CA) Company F, 127th Inf Reg, 32nd Inf Div. March 20, 1945 Villa Verde Trail
Pfc William R Shockley, U. S. Army (Selma, CA) Company L, 128th Inf Div, March 31, 1945 Vila Verde Trail
Pfc David M. Gonzales (Pacoima, CA) Company A, 127th Inf Ref, 32nd Inf Div April 25, 1945
Technician 4th Grade Laverne Parrish, U. S. Army (January 8-24, 1945)
2/Lt Robert M. Viale, U. S. Army, 37th Infantry Division, 148th Infantry Regiment, Company K (February 5, 1945) †
S/Sgt Howard E. Woodford, U. S. Army, 33rd Infantry Division, 130th Infantry Regiment, Company I (June 7, 1945) †
2nd Lt Donald E. Rudolph, U. S. Army 6th Infantry Division, 20th Infantry, 2nd Battalion, Weapons Platoon (February 5, 1945)
PFC William H. Thomas, U. S. Army, 38th Infantry Division, 149th Infantry Regiment (April 22, 1945) †
Major William A. Shomo, USAAF (January 11, 1945)

Philippines, Negros
S/Sgt John C. Sjogren, U. S. Army, 40th Infantry Division, 160th Infantry Regiment, Company I (May 23, 1945)
Major Thomas B. McGuire, Jr. USAAF (January 7, 1945) †

Battle of the Coral Sea
Lt(jg) William E. Hall USNR (May 7-8, 1942)
CPO Oscar V. Peterson (May 7, 1942) †
Lt. John James Powers (May 7, 1942)
Lt. Milton Ernest Ricketts USN (May 8, 1942)

Battle of the Sunda Strait
Captain Albert H. Rooks, USN March 1, 1942 †

Maj. John L. Smith, USMC
Col. Merritt A. Edson, USMC
Maj. Kenneth D. Bailey, USMC
Maj. Robert E. Galer, USMC (March 24, 1943)
Gy/Sgt. John Basilone, USMC (October 24-25, 1942)
Cpl. Anothony Casamento, USMC
Gen. Alexander A. Vandegrift, USMC
Lt. Col. Harold W. Bauer, USMC (November 10-14, 1942) †
Lt. Comdr. Herbert E. Sehonland, USN
Rear. Adm. Daniel J. Callaghan, USN
Lt. Cmdr. Bruce Mc Candless, USN
BM1c Reinhard J. Keppler, USN
Maj. Charles W. Davis, U. S. Army
Sgt. William C. Fournier, U. S. Army (January 10, 1943) †
T/5 Lewis Hall, U. S. Army (January 10, 1943) †
Rear Adm. Norman Scott, USN
Capt. Joe Foss, USMC
Plat/Sgt Mitchell Paige, USMC (October 26, 1942)
Sig.1c Douglas Munro, USCG (September 27, 1943) †

Solomon Islands
1st Lt. Jefferson J. DeBlanc, USMC (January 31, 1943)
Cdr Herbert Emery Schonland, USN
Lt Robert S. Scott, U. S. Army, 43rd ID, 172nd IR (July 29, 1943)
1st Lt James Elms Swett, USMCR (April 7, 1943)
Lt Cdr Bruce Avery Van Voorhis, USN (July 6, 1943) †
1/Lt Kenneth Ambrose Walsh, USMC (August 15, 1943)
Major Gregory "Pappy" Boyington, USMC (September 12, 43- January 3, 44)
Pvt Rodger W. Young, U. S. Army
Major Jay Zeamer, Jr., USAAF (June 16, 1943)
2/Lt Joseph R Sarnoski, USAAF (June 16, 1943)

PFC Wesley Phelps, 3rd Battalion 7th Marines (October 4, 1944) †
Corporal Lewis K. Bausell, 1st Battalion 5th Marines (1/5)
Private First Class Arthur J. Jackson, 3rd Battalion 7th Marines (3/7)
Private First Class Richard E. Kraus, 8th Amphibian Tractor Battalion †
Private First Class John D. New, 2nd Battalion 7th Marines (2/7) †
Captain Everett P. Pope, USMC, 1st Battalion 1st Marines (1/1)
Private First Class Charles H. Roan, 2nd Battalion 7th Marines (2/7) †
First Lieutenant Carlton R. Rouh, 1st Battalion 5th Marines (1/5)

Iwo Jima
PFC Douglas T. Jacobson USMC (February 26, 1945)
PFC Donald Jack Ruhl, USMC (February 19-21, 1945) †
Pvt Franklin Earl Sigler, USMC (March 14, 1945)
Cpl Tony Stein, USMC (February 19, 1945) †
PM2C George Edward Wahlen USN (March 3, 1945) USN
Gy Sgt William Gary Walsh, USMC (February 27, 1945) †
Pvt Wilson Douglas Watson, USMC (February 26-27, 1945)
Cpl Hershel Woodrow Williams, USMC (February 23, 1945)
PM3C Jack Williams, USN (March 3, 1945) †
John Harlan Willis, USN (February 27, 1945) †
Sgt Darrell S. Cole, USMCR (February 19, 1945) †
Jacklyn H. Lucas, USMC (February 20, 1945)
John H. Leims, USMC (March 7, 1945)

Okinawa and Rykuyu Islands
TSgt Beauford T. Anderson, U. S. Army (April 13, 1945)
Cpl Richard E. Bush, USMC (April 16, 1945)
HA1 Robert E. Bush, USN (May 2, 1945)
Major Henry A. Courtney, Jr., USMC (May 14-15, 1945) †
Pfc Clarence B. Craft, U. S. Army (May 31, 1945)
Cpl James L. Day (May 14-17, 1945)
Pfc Desmond T. Doss, U. S. Army (April 29, 1945-May 21, 1945)
Cpl John P. Fardy, USMC (May 7, 1945) †
Pfc William A. Foste, USMC (May 2, 1945) †
Pfc Harold Gonsalves, USMC (April 15, 1945) †
PHM2 William D. Halyburton, Jr., USN (May 10, 1945) †

Pfc Alejandro R. Renteria Ruiz, U. S. Army (April 28. 1945)
PFC Albert Earnest Schwab, USMC (May 7, 1945) †

Korean War (1950–1953)
A total of 146 United States military personnel received the Medal of Honor during the Korean War, including 98 posthumously. (†) indicates earned posthumously.

Cpl Charles G. Abrell, USMC (June 10, 1951) 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines, 1st Marine Division †
SFC Stanley T. Adams, U. S. Army ( February 4, 1951) 19th Infantry Regiment
Cpl Joe R. Baldonado, U. S. Army (November 15, 1950) 1st Battalion, 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment †
Captain William E. Barber, USMC (November 28-December 10, 1950) Company F, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division
Pvt Charles H. Barker, U. S. Army (June 4, 1953) Company K, 17th Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division †
Pfc William B. Baugh, USMC (November 29, 1950) Company G, 3d Battalion, 1st Marine Division †
HC3c Edward C. Benfold, USN (September 5, 1952) 1st Marine Division †
Pfc Emory L. Bennett, USA (June 24, 1951) Company B, 15th Infantry Regiment, 3d Infantry Division †
Sgt David B. Bleak, U. S. Army (June 14, 1952) Medical Company 223d Infantry Regiment, 40th Infantry Division
SFC Nelson V. Brittin, U. S. Army (March 7, 1951) Company I, 19th Infantry Regiment †
Pfc Melvin L. Brown, U. S. Army (September 4, 1950) Company D, 8th Engineer Combat Battalion †
1st Lt. Lloyd L. Burke, U. S. Army (October 28, 1951) Company G, 5th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division
Tony K. Burris †
Hector A. Cafferata, Jr.
David B. Champagne †
William R. Charette
Cornelius H. Charlton †
Stanley R. Christianson †
Gilbert G. Collier †
John W. Collier †
Henry A. Commiskey, Sr.
Samuel Streit Coursen †
Gordon M. Craig †
Jerry K. Crump
Jack A. Davenport †
Major George A. Davis, Jr., USAF (February 10, 1952) 334th Fighter Squadron, 4th Fighter Group, 5th Air Force †
Ray Davis, USMC (December 1-4, 1950)
Richard De Wert †
William F. Dean
Reginald B. Desiderio †
Duane E. Dewey
Carl H. Dodd
Ray E. Duke †
Junior D. Edwards †
Victor H. Espinoza
John Essebagger, Jr. †
Don C. Faith, Jr. †
Fernando Luis García †
Charles George †
Charles L. Gilliland †
Eduardo C. Gomez †
Edward Gomez †
Clair Goodblood †
Ambrosio Guillen †
Francis C. Hammond †
Lester Hammond, Jr. †
Melvin O. Handrich †
Jack G. Hanson †
Lee R. Hartell †
Raymond Harvey
Frederick F. Henry †
Rodolfo P. Hernandez
Lt(jg) Thomas J. Hudner, Jr., USN (December 4, 1950) F4U Corsair pilot VF-32, attached to USS Leyte CV-32
Einar H. Ingman, Jr.
William R. Jecelin †
James E. Johnson †
Mack A. Jordan †
Anthony T. Kahoʻohanohano †
Billie G. Kanell †
Emil Kapaun †
Loren R. Kaufman †
Woodrow W. Keeble
John D. Kelly †
Jack W. Kelso †
Robert S. Kennemore
John E. Kilmer †
Noah O. Knight †
John K. Koelsch †
Ernest R. Kouma
Leonard M. Kravitz †
Edward C. Krzyzowski †
Darwin K. Kyle †
Hubert L. Lee
George D. Libby †
Herbert A. Littleton †
Charles R. Long †
Baldomero Lopez †
Charles J. Loring, Jr. †
William F. Lyell †
Benito Martinez †
Daniel P. Matthews †
2nd Lt. Robert D. Reem (November 6, 1950) †

Congressional Medal of Honor Society (CMOHS)

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