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Sikorsky H-5 (R-5, S-51, HO2S-1, HO3S-1)
Known helicopters

Known Examples
YR-5A 43-46607  displayed Royal Thai Air Force Museum at Don Muang
YR-5A 43-46613 assigned to USN as HO2S-1 Bu No 75689 during 1946
YR-5A 43-46616 w/o May 20,1950 with 10 RES of Ladd AFB, AK
YR-5A 43-46618 to US Navy as HO2S-1 Bu No 75690 in 1946
YR-5A 43-46620 to civil registry as N4964C, now on display at USAF Museum in the markings of H-5A 43-46620
YR-5A 43-46621 (c/n 165) to civil registry as N10025
YR-5A 43-46626 (c/n 170) to civil registry as N10010
YR-5A 43-46627 (c/n 171) to civil registry as N10589
YR-5A 43-46637 (c/n 181) to civil registry as N10588
YR-5A 43-46644 to civil registry as N6869C
YR-5A 43-46645 displayed at United States Army Aviation Museum at Fort Rucker, Alabama
YR-5A 43-46646 (c/n 190) to civil registry as N1268V
XR-5 43-47954  stored at NASM Garber Facility
H-5F Dragonfly
H-5F 47-482 (3rd ARS) hit power lines at 8055th MASH in Korea and crashed Aug 20, 1951.
H-5 47-484 (c/n 51.36) to N700J, N92868
H-5 47-485 (w/o Feb 17, 1950 with 3585 MS of Connally AFB, TX
H-5 47-486 (3rd ARS) crashlanded and destroyed during evacuation of Pyongyang North Korea Nov 30, 1950.
H-5 47-490 (c/n 51.51) to civil registry as N9479Z
H-5G 48-0548 displayed Pima Air & Space Museum
H-5H 9601 (c/n 51-18) The RCAF's first helicopter, built in 1947. Owned by the Canada Aviation and Space Museum presently on loan to Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
H-5H N5219 ( (c/n 51-19)  at the New England Air Museum
H-5H 9603 (c/n 51-30) displayed American Helicopter Museum
H-5H 49-2001 displayed Wasilla Alaska (?)
H-5H 9607 (c/n 51-166) displayed Aero Space Museum of Calgary
H-5H 49-2007 (c/n 51-197) displayed at the War Memorial of Korea, Seoul, Republic of Korea
H-5H 49-2009  pilot Parker crashed November 28, 1950
S-51A (c/n 51–102)  display at the South African Air Force Museum (SAAF) at Swartkop AFB outside Pretoria
VX595 (cn WA/H/8) first Dragonfly assigned to the Royal Navy 1949, preserved in the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Cobham Hall

HO3S-1 122508 (HU-1) crashed in water off Paengnyong-Do Island, Korea Sep 4, 1952
HO3S-1 122509 (c/n 51.44) to civil registry as N4144A, CF-JNZ, N5559A
HO3S-1 122510 w/o Sep 20, 1950.
HO3S-1 122512 (c/n 51.50) to civil registry as N391T
HO3S-1 122513 (HU-1) crashed in enemy territory Korea Feb 8, 1952. Pilot POW.
HO3S-1 122514 (VMO-6) destroyed during rescue attempt Sept 21, 1950, Yangjae-ri, Korea.
HO3S-1 122515 (c/n 51.54) to salvage Jan 6, 1956
HO3S-1 122516 w/o Aug 4, 1950.
HO3S-1 122517 (VMO-6) shot down by AAA during rescue attempt Apr 13, 1951, Korea
HO3S-1 122518 (VMO-6) in takeoff accident Mar 12, 1951.
HO3S-1 122519 (HU-1 Det 3) engine failure off USS Philippine Sea and ditched at sea Sept 11, 1950
HO3S-1 125136 displayed Carolinas Aviation Museum
HO3S-1 122521 (VMO-6) in takeoff accident near Chik-Tong, Korea Jan 23, 1952.
HO3S-1 122522 (c/n 51.65) to civil registry as N5555A
HO3S-1 122523 to salvage Jun 30, 1957
HO3S-1 122526 (c/n 51.81) to civil registry as N5554A
HO3S-1 122528 (MAMS-12) lost control during hovering and crashed near K-6, Korea Jun 15, 1952.
HO3S-1 122529 (c/n 51.24) to salvage Dec 14, 1955
HO3S-1 122709 (c/n 52.87) to civil registry as N4957C
HO3S-1 122710 (c/n 51.92) crashed in water Yo-do, Korea Jul 24, 1953
HO3S-1 122712 (HU-2, Det 30) got lost and landed in friendly territory when ran out of fuel while flying off USS New Jersey May 24, 1951. Crew walked out. Helicopter relocated and returned to USS New Jersey
HO3S-1 122715 (HU-2) missing on rescue mission near Kosong, Korea July 3, 1951
HO3S-1 122718 Tail Code UR-41 / 42 assigned to USS Leyte
HO3S-1 122719 (HU-1) ditched after takeoff from USS Princeton CV-37 April 30, 1952.
HO3S-1 122720 (HU-1) hit by ground fire, laned in Han River near Kimpo, Korea Sept 25, 1950.
HO3S-1 122721 (c/n 51.118) to civil registry as N5553A
HO3S-1 122723 (HU-2, Det 40) uneven landing on mountainous terrain, Korea, March 31, 1951
HO3S-1 122725 (VC-50) ditched off USS Valley Forge CV-45 after engine failure Jul 4, 1950
HO3S-1 122726 (HU-1) in bad takeoff in high winds, USS Philippine Sea CV-47 Jan 9, 1951. Also listed as having struck the conning tower of a submarine and crashed with HU-1 Dec 3, 1951
HO3S-1 122727 (c/n 51.130) to civil registry as N4958C
HO3S-1 123118 w/o Feb 3, 1954
HO3S-1 123119 w/o Feb 1953.
HO3S-1 123121 (HU-1) lost at sea off Chodo Island, Korea Dec 14, 1951
HO3S-1 123122 (HU-1) crashed in water Jun 25, 1950 at Kanayut Lake, Alaska
HO3S-1 123123 (HU-1) crashed at sea off Korea Jul 20, 1952
HO3S-1 123125 (HU-1) crashed and burned Aug 13, 1951 6 mi W of NAAS Miramar
HO3S-1 123127 (HU-1) crashed in water off USS Valley Forge Nov 28, 1952
HO3S-1 123129 appears as rescue helicopter in *The Bridges of Toko-Ri*
HO3S-1 123130 (HU-1) crashed in water Dec 21, 1952 while gunspotting for USS Missouri.
HO3S-1 123132 (c/n 51.163) to civil registry as N4061A
HO3S-1 123133 (c/n 51.164) to civil registry as N9986Z. To CS-HAE but NTU.
HO3S-1 123136 (c/n 51.168) to civil registry as N4959C
HO3S-1 123137 (c/n 51.169) to civil registry as N5558A
HO3S-1 123139 (c/n 51.172) to civil registry as N5556A
HO3S-1 124334 (c/n 51.177) to civil registry as N6881C.
HO3S-1 124340 (HU-1) crashed in enemy territory Korea Feb 8, 1952. Pilot POW
HO3S-1 124342 (VMO-6) crashed during resupply landing near Sudong Myon Sept 22, 1951.
HO3S-1 124344 (c/n 51.201) to civil registry as N5182V. Now on display at MCAS Quantico, VA. Noted Nov 10,2006 at National Museum of the United States Marine Corps, Quantico, VA
HO3S-1 124345 (c/n 51.204) to civil registry as N2842D, CF-FDF, C-FFDF.
HO3S-1 124346 crashlanded on Puffin Island, Kodiak, Alaska Nov 1951. SOC.
HO3S-1 124349 (c/n 51.209) to civil registy as N809
HO3S-1 124350 (c/n 51.210) to civil registry as N5557A.
HO3S-1 124352 to US Army Aviation Museum, Ft. Rucker, AL
HO3S-1 57995 forced down after engine failure in Wonsan Harbor Aug 7, 1952. Recovered Aug 8, 1952 and repaired. Crashed into Yellow Sea Aug 16, 1953 while aboard USS Point Cruz (CVE-119) during attempt to rescue pilot of downed F4U-4. Corsair pilot and 2 crew members picked up by boat, but helicopter sank.
HO3S-1 57998 lost Sep 15, 1952.
HO3S-1G 1233 displayed at Evergreen Aircraft & Space Museum
HO3S-1G 1235   (c/n 51-214) displayed at National Museum of Naval Aviation (NMNA)

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