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  B-24J-195-CO Liberator Serial Number 44-41126  
5th AF
22nd BG
2nd BS

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2nd BS June 5, 1945

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5th BG June 1945
Pilot 2nd Lt. Dewey G. Allmon, O-930704 (KIA, BR) Winona, MO
Co-Pilot  2nd Lt. Edward A. Kent, O-930724 (KIA, BR) Long Island City, NY
Navigator  F/O Albert C. Deutsch, Jr., T-135711 (KIA, BR) San Antonio, TX
Bombardier  F/O Elvin W. Long, Jr., T-8812 (KIA, BR) Williamsport, PA
Engineer  Cpl James F. Stengel, 19124665 (KIA, BR) Miles City, MT
Radio  Cpl Donald Sutherland, 19206239 (KIA, BR) Buena Park, CA
Photographer  Sgt Raymond J. Riddle, 36859910 (WIA / KIA, BR) Petoskey, MI
Gunner  Cpl Willard L. Bohlken, 37479377 (KIA, BR) Glenvil, NE
Crew  Cpl James G. Acker, 37363235 (WIA, survived) Bayard, NE
Crew  Cpl Lawrence J. Child, 39928479 (WIA, survived) Springville, UT
Crew  Sgt Martin Coons, 32371494 (WIA, survived) Hillsdale, NY
Crashed  June 5, 1945
MACR  14847

Aircraft History
Built by Consolidated at San Diego. Constructors Number 575. Delivered to the U. S. Army Air Force (USAAF) as B-24J-195-CO Liberator serial number 44-41126. Ferried overseas via Hickam Field to the South West Pacific Area (SWPA).

Wartime History
In October 1944 assigned to the 5th Air Force, 22nd Bombardment Group, 2nd Bombardment Squadron. No known nickname or nose art. The tail had #126 in large white digits on the tail. This Liberator flew at least 63 bombing missions with the first on October 17, 1944.

Mission History
On June 5, 1945 took off from Clark Field from Borax Strip at 6:10am piloted by 2nd Lt. Dewey G. Allmon on a bombing mission against targets on the western coast of Formosa (Taiwan). Allmon was a new pilot and photographer Riddle was on his last mission before rotating home. Inbound to the target, the no. 2 engine's propeller stuck at 2,400 rpm without reporting the issue, the pilots adjusted the power settings on engines and continued the mission but were consuming fuel at a higher rate.

Over the target, bad weather prevented the formation from locating the primary or secondary target. Instead, the 2nd Bombardment Squadron broke off to conduct a radar guided bomb run from 10,000' against Taito (Taitung). Returning, the pilots informed the formation of their propeller problem and that they were running low on fuel and a short time later the no. 3 engine ran out of fuel but restarted when they switched to another fuel tank. Roughly 60 miles off the northern coast of Luzon, the formation experienced heavy clouds and broke up again.

Low on fuel, this B-24 radioed the supporting PBY Catalina "Playmate" it was critically low and attempted to make a gear up belly landing on Fuga Island.

Aiming for a clearing, this B-24 made a successful belly landing around noon but skidded into a ravine that broke the rear fuselage and caused a fire in the no. 2 engine and burned the nose section. The four crew in the cockpit were killed when the top turret continued forward and crushed them. Four others bracing in the forward bulkhead of the bombay, three were killed when the fuselage broke apart. The bomber came to rest with the wing section rotated parallel to the broken off tail section.

From the air, the crash was observed by 1st Lt. Issac W. Underwood and by 2nd Lt. Charles M. Allen aboard a Catalina "Playmate" from Air-Sea Rescue. Afterwards, the crash site was photographed.

Fates of the Crew
Only four of the crew survived the crash. Riddle was severely injured and died soon afterwards. Acker suffered a broken back. Coons nearly severed his hand. Only Child survived with minor injuries and administered morphine to Riddle then aided the others with morphine and a tourniquet on Coons' hand.

Roughly an hour later, a 14 year old Filipino boy ran into the clearing to warn the Americans that the Japanese were approaching. The surviving crew carried Acker and fled into the nearby jungle. Later in the afternoon, Child went back to the crash site to look for Riddle but was spotted by the Japanese who opened fire but managed to hide in a wallow filled with water until after dark. Meanwhile, Coons and Acker continued to hide and incorrectly believed Child was killed or captured.

The next morning, Child reached the coast and signaled a PBY Catalina that landed and fought off the Japanese before rescuing him and flying back to Clark Field. After two days in the hospital he returned to duty.

Meanwhile, Coons and Acker hid in the jungle and narrowly avoided Japanese patrols. Above, they spotted American aircraft patrolling and searching for them. Six days later, the same Filipino youth found them and beckoned them to follow him to a rice storage building where four English speaking Filipinos gave them food and informed them a U. S. submarine was coming to rescue them the next night.

On June 12, 1945 they moved towards the coast and signaled a Catalina that dropped a note to them indicating they were to be rescued in two hours. Arriving in position ahead of schedule, they were picked up by a PBY Catalina. After several unsuccessful take off attempts due to rough seas, the Catalina got airborne and were flown back to Clark Field and hospitalized.

Recovery of Remains
Afterwards, the remains of the eight crew killed in the crash were recovered and transported to the United States for permanent burial.

The eight crew killed in the crash landing were officially declared dead the day of the mission. After the recovery of remains, the eight were buried in a group burial at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery Lemay, at plot 78, sites 968-970.

Child passed away on January 10, 2015 and was buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Springville, UT at section I, lot 8, plot 9.

NARA World War II Army Enlistment Records - Dewey G. Allmon
NARA World War II Army Enlistment Records - Elvin W. Long, Jr.
NARA World War II Army Enlistment Records - James F. Stengel

NARA World War II Army Enlistment Records - Donald Sutherland

USAF Serial Number Search Results - B-24J-195-CO Liberator 44-41126
"41126 (22nd BG) lost Jun 5, 1945, SW Pacific. MACR 14847"
Missing Air Crew Report 14847 (MACR 14847)
FindAGrave - 2LT Dewey G Allmon (group burial photo)
FindAGrave - 2LT Edward A Kent (group burial photo)
FindAGrave - Albert Campbell Deutsch, Jr (group burial photo)
FindAGrave - Elvin W Long, Jr (photo, group burial photo)
FindAGrave - James F Stengel (group burial photo)
FindAGrave - Donald Sutherland (group burial photo)
FindAGrave - SGT Raymond J Riddle (group burial photo)
FindAGrave - Willard L Bohlken (group burial photo)
FindAGrave - Lawrence John “Jack” Child (obituary, grave photo)
Revenge of the Red Raiders pages 423-424, 425 (photo), 487, 493

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June 5, 1945
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