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  B-25D-1 "Pissonit" Serial Number 41-30370  
5th AF
38th BG
71st BS

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William J. Smith 1944

Pilot  1st Lt Eugene E. Benson, O-735510 (rescued) Micollet County, MN
Co-Pilot  1st Lt. William Joseph Smith, O-742619 (rescued) Ashland, KY
Navigator  1st Lt Hollie H. Rushing, O-803152 (rescued) Jackson, MS
Radio  TSgt James C. Healan, 34350583 (MIA / KIA) Winder, GA
Gunner  Sgt Harold J. Gross, 39244301 (MIA / KIA) OH

Ditched  February 15, 1944
MACR  3502

Aircraft History
Built by North American. Constructors Number 87-8535. Delivered to the U. S. Army Air Force (USAAF) as B-25D-15 Mitchell serial number 41-30370. Ferried overseas via Hickam Field then across the Pacific to Australia.

Wartime History
Converted to a D-1 strafer variant by the 4th Air Depot at Garbutt Field near Townsville. On July 23, 1943 assigned to the 5th Air Force, 38th Bombardment Group, 71st Bombardment Squadron. Assigned to pilots Storm and Cole with crew chiefs Jenne and John. Nicknamed "Pissonit" with the nose art of Walt Disney's "Big Bad Wolf" cartoon character. When lost, engines: R-2600-13 serial numbers 41-30369 and 41-29098.

Mission History
On February 15, 1944 took off from Dobodura Airfield piloted by 1st Lt Eugene E. Benson on a low level strike against Kavieng. This B-25 was in the second flight, flying on the right wing of B-25D 41-30182 piloted by Major Howard M. Paquin.

Over the target, the B-25s flew in a line abreast formation and were targeted by anti-aircraft fire. Aboard this B-25, the crew felt a bang and the left wing bounced into the air and set the left engine on fire. Despite loosing power, pilot Benson stayed with the formation for the attack and released its 500 pound bombs and strafed.

The flames spread into the left engine nacelle and cause an oxygen bottle to detonate further fueling the fire and caused the landing gear to drop down and was streaming fluid. Inside, the crew attempted to feather the left engine and cut the fuel, while still firing their guns. The fire extinguisher system managed to extinguish the fire temporarily but soon began spreading again.

With the extra drag, this B-25 fell out of formation and began loosing altitude and airspeed despite maximum power to the right engine and both pilots struggled to keep it level. Inside the rear fuselage, Healan and Gross were trapped by the flames. Healan managed to climb over the bomb bay.

In the rear of the plane, Gross to bail out at approximately 150' and his parachute only partially opened before he hit the surface of the sea and died. He also remains listed as Missing In Action (MIA).

Flying above the surface of the sea, the B-25 got off a mayday call before ditching tail first and hit left wing first. On impact, the momentum of the caused it to submerge but after five seconds resurfaced roughly 2 1/2 miles off from North Cape off Kavieng. The ditching was observed by Major Paquin's bomber and also radioed to air-sea rescue.

The three surviving crew Benson, Smith and Rushing exited from the cockpit escape hatch. After ditching, leaking fuel caught fire on the surface of the water causing black smoke and prevented the survivors from locating the life raft or emergency supplies or locating Healan who was last seen in the navigator's compartment. Despite searching, they were unable to locate him due to the flames and smoke. Healan was never seen again and was presumed to be trapped inside the aircraft. He remains listed as Missing In Action (MIA).

Fates of the Crew
The three surviving crew Benson, Smith and Rushing clung to Smith's parachute as their life raft had burned when the bomber sank. Together, the three drifted in the sea for approximately two hours in rough seas. Spotting a flight of P-47 Thunderbolts, the three used their mirrors to signal and one peeled off to circle them. Afterwards,

Afterwards, PBY "Arkansas Traveler" 08139 piloted by Lt(jg) Nathan G. Gordon arrived, circled and dropped smoke pots before making his third landing near the three survivors, despite rough seas and Japanese fire from the shore. After landing, the left engine was shut down and taxied nearer, with the men only visible when they crested at the top of waves before a crew member tossed them a rope. Afterwards, Gordon earned the Medal of Honor for this action.

Nathan G. Gordon recalled:
"Our radio went off again, and we got the call from the spotting B-25 to rescue another crew. This plane had ditched about a mile from shore. Again, we power stalled to land, and had to cut the left engine so as not to hit the crew in the water. This time it was another B-25 crew. Only three were there. Our remaining two P-47 escorts left while we were making the landing because they too were low on fuel.

We now had ten aboard, and we started for home. I would say we got about 20 miles away from Kavieng when again, our radio went off. It was the same B-25 called in and told us about another crew, this time very close to the shore. Since our escort had left, I asked him "Are you going to stay with me?" and he replied back "Yes". We had been told that the Japanese had float planes there too, and I was afraid about meeting one of them now that we were alone."

This B-25 has not yet been located.

Gross was officially declared dead on February 14, 1944. He earned the Air Medal and Purple Heart, posthumously. He is memorialized at Manila American Cemetery on the tablets of the missing.

Healan was officially declared dead on February 15, 1945. He earned the Air Medal and Purple Heart, posthumously. He has a memorial marker at Rose Hill Cemetery in Winder, GA on his parent's grave in section D. He also has a memorial marker at Barrow Memorial Gardens in Winder, GA."

Rushing passed away January 29, 2002. He is buried at Arlington Cemetery in Homer, LA.

Benson retired with the rank of Captain. He earned the Silver Star and Purple Heart. He passed away June 13, 2006 and is buried at Woodland Hills Memorial Park in Mankato, MN.

Smith passed away in 2010.

Stephen Smith (son of William J. Smith)

NARA World War II Army Enlistment Records - Eugene E. Benson
NARA World War II Army Enlistment Records - William J. Smith
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USAF Serial Number Search Results - B-25D-15 Mitchell 41-30370
Missing Air Crew Report 3205 (MACR 3205)
Fifth Air Force - Air Sea Rescue Service - Record - B2-5D1 41-30306 (Second Rescue) via Edward Rogers
"Location: Shot down Kavieng Harbor
Cause of Loss; Hit by light machine gun fire.
Summary of rescue effort: One man was seen to bail out and the other ditched with the plane. Three of that latter were rescued. The rescue of the men who ditched was made with six men, previously rescued, aboard in a ship that was already damaged. The other man was reported sighted and the ship again landed under 75mm fire to find the man had drown."
American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) - James C. Healan
American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) - Harold J. Gross
FindAGrave - TSgt James C Healan (tablets of the missing photo)
FindAGrave - TSGT James C Healan (memorial marker photo, Rose Hill Cemetery)
FindAGrave - James Columbus Healan (memorial marker photo, Barrow Memorial Gardens)
FindAGrave - Sgt Harold J Gross (tablets of the missing)
FindAGrave - Hollie Howard Rushing, Sr (obituary, grave photo)
FindAGrave - Eugene E Benson (grave photo)
FindAGrave - Rev William Joseph Smith (obituary, grave photo)
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The Forgotten Fifth pages 69-70 [ Read Excerpt ]
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"Black Cat Rescue" by Nicholas Trudgian
"Flight Out of Hell" by Nicholas Trudgian
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World War II History "Flight Out Of Hell"
Thanks to William J. Smith and Nathan G. Gordon for additional information.

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