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    Kunming Airfield (Wujiaba)  China
Lat 24°59′32″N Long 102°44′36″E Kunming Airfield was located 2.5 miles southeast of Kunming in China.

Built in 1923 under the supervision of Chinese warlord, General Tang Jiyao. Prewar, the airfield had two runways: Khanhaitze at Lat 102°48'0" Long 25°2'0" and Yunnanfu at Lat 102°43'0" Long 25°2'0".

Wartime History
Kunming Airfield was used by Allied aircraft including the American Volunteer Group (AVG) "Flying Tigers" operating until July 1942. Afterwards, used by the 10th Air Force (10th AF). On June 3, 1942 a pair of B-25s from the 7th Bombardment Group, 11th Bombardment Squadron bombers that took off from Dinjan on a bombing mission over Lashio land at Kunming.

On July 4, 1942 the China Air Task Force (CATF) is activated under command of Brigadier General Clare L Chennault. This new command is the successor to Chennault's American Volunteer Group (AVG). Only five pilots and a few ground personnel of the AVG choose to join the USAAF, although 20 other pilots agree to stay until replacements arrived in Kunming. On March 10, 1043 the 14th Air Force (14th AF) was activated at Kunming.

On September 2, 1944 twenty-four B-24s hauled fuel to Kunming. On September 4, twenty-four B-24s haul 32,000 US gallons of fuel to Kunming. September 5, twenty-one B-24s fly fuel to Kunming. September 6, twenty-four B-24s fly about 34,000 US gallons of fuel to Kunming. September 7, twenty-two B-24s fly fuel to Kunming. On September 8, twenty-three B-24s haul fuel to Kunming. On September 9, seventeen B-24s fly fuel to Kunming. September 10, twenty-four B-24s haul fuel to Kunming. September 11, twenty-three B-24s fly fuel to Kunming. September 12, twenty-five B-24s haul fuel to Kunming. September 23, two B-24s fly fuel to Kunming. September 25, fifteen B-24s land at Kunming. September 28, B-24s haul fuel to Kunming. September 29, eighteen B-24s haul fuel to Kunming. September 30, eighteen B-24s haul fuel to Kunming.

During December 1944 - January 1945 "Operation Grubworm" Air Transport Command flies troops and supplies to airfields including Kunming.

American units based at Kunming
7th BG, 11th BS (B-25) Dinjan arrive June 3, 1942
51st FG, 16th FS (P-40) Karachi arrives June 27, 1942–August 17, 1942 Chungking
23rd FG, 74th FS (P-40) July 4, 1942 - March 12, 1943 Yunnani
23rd FG, 76th FS (P-40) July 4 , 1942–July 25, 1942 departs Kweilin returns Aug 18, 42 - May 13, 43 Lingling
23rd FG, HQ (C.O. Colonel Robert L Scott, Jr.) July 4, 1942 - September 1, 1943 Kweilin
341st BG, 11th BS (B-25) October 1942–June 21, 1943 departs Kweilin
341st BG, 22nd BS (B-25) September 1942 - ?
308th BG, HQ USA March 20, 1943 - February 10, 1945 Hsinching
308th BG, 425th BS (B-24) activated March 20, 1943 - February 18, 1945 Kwanghan
308th BG, HQ activated March 20, 1943
51st FG, HQ Dinjan October 2, 1943 - ?
10th AF, 9th PRS (F-4 det) Karachi arrives Nov 1, 1942–July 12, 1943 departs Pandaveswar
14th AF, HQ (C.O. Maj General Claire L. Chennault) activated March 10, 43 - Aug 7, 45 Paishiyi
402nd BG, HQ activated May 19, 1943–July 31, 1943
5th PRMG, 21st Photographic Sqn (F-4, F-5) Bishnupur arrives July 12, 1943–April 1, 1944 departs Liangshan returns June 26, 1944 - May 14, 1945 Shwangliu
14th AF, 12th PS (F-5) Bishnupur arrives August 22, 1943–?
51st FG, 449th FS (P-38) activated August 26, 1943February 1, 1944 departs Suichwan
68th Fighter Wing, HQ activated September 3 - December 23, 1943 Kweilin
69th Bombardment Wing, HQ activated Sept 3, 43 - Jan 12, 44 Tsuyung returns April 1, 44
51st FG, 26th FS (P-40, P-51) Dinjan arrives October 7, 1943–August 1, 1945 departs Nanning
23rd FG, 75th FS (P-40) ? - October 11, 1943 Kweilin
10th AF, 71st Liaison Squadron (L-4, L-5, UC-64, L-1) Ledo arrives Nov 1, 1943–July 1, 1944 Ledo returns Piardoba July 10 - Aug 21, 1945 Liuchow
341st BG , HQ Kurmitola January 7 - December 13, 1944 Yangkai
312th FW, HQ activated March 13 - 23, 1944 Cheng Tu
443rd TCG, 27th TCS (C-47 det) Sylhet May 1944
14th AF, 19th Liason Squadron (L-1, L-5) Ondal May 29, 1944
14th AF, 35th PRS (F-5) Guskhara September 1-17, 1944 Changyi returns May 14 - July 31, 1945 Nanning
14th AF, 118th TRS (F-4, F-5 P-40, P-51) Suichwan January 22, 1945
69th Composite Wing, 19th Liaison Squadron (L-1, L-5) ? - March 28, 1945 Chengkung
14th AF, 322nd TCS (C-47) ? - May 25, 1945 Loping
10th AF, 427th NFS (P-61 det) Myitkjina arrives December 18, 1944June 28, 1945 departs Dinjan
14th AF, 426th NFS (P-61 det) ? - December 25, 1944 Cheng Tu
10th AF, HQ (C.O. Major General Albert F. Hegenberger) July 23 - August 9, 1945 Liuchow
14th AF, 322nd TCS (C-47) activated September 9, 1944

The airport served as a major hub for China Eastern Airlines, Kunming Airlines, and Lucky Air. Known as "Kunming Wujiaba International Airport" airport code KMN surfaced with concrete and the main runway was 11,155' in length.

The airport was officially closed on June 28, 2012, with the opening of the new Kunming Changshui International Airport. The airport will be demolished and the land redeveloped.

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