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Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero/Hamp
Manufacture Number and unidentified wrecks


List by Manufacture Number
Model 32
A6M3 3000  first Model 32 built
A6M3 3013  crashed Simpson Harbor
A6M3 3017  captured Lae Airfield
A6M3 3018 Tail V-177 Houkoku Number 869  captured Buna Airfield
A6M3 3021  abandoned Vila Airfield
A6M3 3023  abandoned Kahili Airfield (Buin)
A6M3 3026 Tail Q-111  captured Lae Airfield
A6M3 3028 Tail V-187  Houkoku Number 870 captured Buna Airfield
A6M3 3030 Tail Q-102  Houkoku Number 872 captured Buna Airfield
A6M3 3032 Tail V-190  Houkoku Number 874 captured Buna Airfield
A6M3 3035 Tail 2-181  Houkoku Number 877 captured Lae Airfield September 1943
A6M3 3036 Tail Q-104  Houkoku Number 878 captured Buna Airfield December 27, 1942
A6M3 3042 Tail Q-108  abandoned Buna Airfield
A6M3 3116 captured Munda Airfield
A6M3 3148 abandoned Taroa Airfield recovered John Sterling 1991 under restoration
A6M3 3196 captured Munda Airfield
A6M3 3189 captured Munda Airfield
A6M3 3199 captured Munda Airfield
A6M3 3202 captured Munda Airfield
A6M3 3217  abandoned Kara Airfield parts used in repair of A6M3 3844
A6M3 3263 captured Munda Airfield
A6M3 3268  abandoned Lae Airfield
A6M3 3274 Tail 115?  Kahilli Airfield
A6M3 3278  abandoned Kara Airfield parts used in repair of A6M3 3844
A6M3 3285 Tail 3-174 (5-136) abandoned Ballale Airfield, recovered Diemert 1969, Blayd Corporation
A6M3 3271  abandoned Vila Airfield
A6M3 3291  abandoned Vila Airfield
A6M3 3318 Tail S-112 (Y2-128) abandoned Taroa Airfield, recovered John Sterling
A6M3 3343  last Model 32 built
A6M3 Hokkaido  crashed on Mount Nisekoannupui
A6M3 Gasmata  abandoned Gasmata Airfield
A6M3 Gasmata 2  abandoned Gasmata Airfield
A6M3 Buna  abandoned at Buna Airfield
A6M3 Eagle Farm  composite built from several wrecks
A6M3 Zero Tail T2-19? abandoned Ballale
A6M3 Tail T2-157  captured Munda Airfield

Model 22
A6M3 3353 Tail T2-157  tail wreckage recovered
A6M3 3390  abandoned Rabaul, displayed Rabaul Technical College
A6M3 3415  captured at Munda Airfield
A6M3 3478  abandoned Vila Airfield
A6M3 3479  built January 1943, ultimate fate unknown
A6M3 3499  captured at Munda Airfield
A6M3 3479  built early January 1943
A6M3 3600 Tail 3??  crashed south Rabaul, tail recovered
A6M3 3616  abandoned Kara Airfield parts used in repair of A6M3 3844
A6M3 3618 Tail -133  abandoned Kahilli Airfield, recovered 1970s for AWM
A6M3 3621 Tail Y2-128 displayed Nagoya Airport Aerospace Museum
A6M3 3650  abandoned Tobera Airfield
A6M3 3685 Tail Y2-176  abandoned Taroa Airfield, recovered John Sterling, IWM
A6M3 3735  crashed east of Kokopo
A6M3 3753 Tail T2-103  abandoned Ballale Airfield, recovered Diemert 1969, Blayd Corporation
A6M3 3793  abandoned Vila Airfield
A6M3 3844 Tail 2-182  abandoned Kara Airfield, RNZAF War Prize, Auckland War Memorial
A6M3 3852  details unknown
A6M3 3858  details unknown
A6M3 3869  abandoned Babo Airfield, recovered 1991
A6M3 3903  last A6M3 Model 22 built
A6M3 Zero Tail T2-175  captured Munda Airfield
A6M3 Zero Twisted Tail  abandoned Babo Airfield fate unknown
A6M3 Zero Kieta  abandoned Kara Airfield (Toropoli, Toripoil, Buin) restored and displayed at Kieta Memorial Park
A6M3 Vila Airfield  abandoned Vila Airfield

Other Known Aircraft
A6M3 Sule  abandoned at Sule Airfield

A6M3 3852 (Replica Two Seater)  manufactured in Russia, flying with P&W engine
A6M3 Zero 3858 (Replica)  manufactured in Russia, flying with P&W engine
A6M3 Zero 3869 Tail X-133 (Replica)  manufactured in Russia, flying with P&W engine

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