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DAP Beaufort
List by serial number and other known aircraft

List by Royal Air Force (RAF) serial number
Mark I
Beaufort L4448  shipped to Australia as a pattern aircraft and converted to use Pratt & Witney engines written off September 1943.
Mark V
Beaufort T9541  built by DAP for the RAF in Singapore, transfered to the RAAF as Beaufort A9-2
Beaufort T9552
 assigned to RAAF as Beaufort A9-13
Beaufort T9565  assigned to RAAF as Beaufort A9-26
Beaufort T9594  assigned to RAAF as Beaufort A9-42
Beaufort T9604   assigned to RAAF as Beaufort A9-52
Beaufort DD931  under restoration at RAF Museum Hendon

List by Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) serial number
Mark V
Beaufort A9-2  pilot Duncan ditched November 24, 1942
Beaufort A9-13  abandoned Tadji salvaged 1974 displayed Australian Army Museum of Flying
Beaufort A9-14 (A9-701)  converted to Beaufreighter scrapped 1972
Beaufort A9-26  pilot Avery crashed October 22, 1942
Beaufort A9-32  pilot Forrest crashed January 9, 1943 off Normanby Island
Beaufort A9-42  force landed January 27, 1944
Beaufort A9-52  pilot Lyndsay crashed June 26, 1942
Beaufort A9-46  first Beaufort to cross Owen Stanley Range struck off charge August 1949
Beaufort A9-50  last Beaufort Mark VI built
Mark VI
Beaufort A9-51  first Beaufort Mark VI
Beaufort A9-52  pilot Sage crashed June 26, 1942
Beaufort A9-60  pilot Stumm crashed October 2, 1942
Beaufort A9-63  crashed November 21, 1945 Merauke Airfield
Beaufort A9-79  converted into Beaufreighter A9-706
Beaufort A9-94  crashed November 17, 1944 at Madang Airfield
Beaufort A9-89  pilot Bernard crashed September 28, 1942, 1 missing
Beaufort A9-90  last Beaufort Mark VI built
Mark VII
A9-91  first Beaufort Mark VII built
Beaufort A9-106
 pilot Thewlis crashed January 29, 1945
Beaufort A9-141  scrapped Tocumwal, under restoration
Beaufort A9-150  pilot Longmore force landed November 9, 1945
A9-150  last Beaufort Mark VA built
Mark VA
A9-151  first Beaufort Mark VA built
A9-180  last Beaufort Mark VA built
A9-181  first Beaufort Mark VIII built
Beaufort A9-183  pilot Anderson MIA September 5, 1943, wreckage found April 1946, resolved
Beaufort A9-186  pilot Wiggins MIA September 5, 1943, 4 missing
Beaufort A9-188  pilot Forrest MIA May 21, 1943, 4 missing
Beaufort A9-190  pilot Caddy crashed October 10, 1945
Beaufort A9-197  pilot Yuille MIA February 25, 1943, 4 missing
Beaufort A9-204  pilot Allanson crashed September 4, 1943, 4 missing
Beaufort A9-210  abandoned Tadji salvaged 1974 displayed Australian Army Museum of Flying
Beaufort A9-211  pilot Kenny MIA December 14, 1943, 4 missing
Beaufort A9-217  pilot Woodgate crashed November 15, 1943
Beaufort A9-225  pilot Davis MIA July 12, 1943, 4 missing
Beaufort A9-226  abandoned at Vivigani Airfield, salvaged 1974 cockpit section owned by Beaufort Restoration Group
Beaufort A9-228  pilot Flavel crashed June 4, 1945
Beaufort A9-235 (A9-717)  converted to Beaufreighter, sold off as scrap 1947
Beaufort A9-239
Beaufort A9-256  pilot Spooner crashed September 1943
Beaufort A9-263
Beaufort A9-266  pilot Wiggins crashed April 12, 1943 at Cabbage Tree Creek, NSW
Beaufort A9-277  abandoned at Tadji Airfield
Beaufort A9-350  pilot Christie crashed November 18, 1943
Beaufort A9-362  pilot Walsh crash landed September 5, 1943
Beaufort A9-374  pilot Woollacott MIA September 5, 1943
Beaufort A9-377  pilot Bracken crashed July 2, 1944
Beaufort A9-390  force landed August 24, 1944 afterwards converted to components
Beaufort A9-402
Beaufort A9-404
Beaufort A9-414  abandoned Tadji Airfield salvaged 1974 and stored at Chino Airport
Beaufort A9-429
Beaufort A9-444  destroyed December 25, 1943 at Vivigani Airfield by Japanese air raid
Beaufort A9-459
Beaufort A9-472 destroyed December 14, 1943 at Vivigani Airfield by Japanese air raid
Beaufort A9-478  stored at Chino Airport
Beaufort A9-480  pilot Potts crashed March 5, 1944
Beaufort A9-493
 pilot Crisp crashed April 2, 1945
Beaufort A9-501  pilot Brockhouse crashed August 18, 1945
Beaufort A9-518  pilot Parker crashed March 25, 1945
Beaufort A9-525
Beaufort A9-531
Beaufort A9-535  crashed July 10, 1944 abandoned at Tadji Airfield
Beaufort A9-537
Beaufort A9-547  pilot Taylor crashed June 1, 1945
Beaufort A9-557  pilot Fowler crashed January 20, 1945
Beaufort A9-559  crahed April 30, 1945 wreckage salvaged
Beaufort A9-583  scrapped during the early 1960s by AWM
Beaufort A9-599  pilot Warbrook MIA February 11, 1945
Beaufort A9-622  pilot Hall crashed September 3, 1945
Beaufort A9-625  pilot Dey crashed March 16, 1945
Beaufort A9-636  pilot Hopton crashed March 9, 1945
Beaufort A9-637  pilot Ottaway force landed March 8, 1945 written off and abandoned center section remains at Tadji Airfield
Beaufort A9-650  pilot Fowler crashed March 13, 1945
Beaufort A9-660  pilot Barker crashed January 28, 1945
Beaufort A9-626  pilot Barton crashed January 23, 1945
Beaufort A9-627  pilot Christensen crashed January 23, 1945
Beaufort A9-667  pilot Fielding crashed April 2, 1945
Beaufort A9-689  abandoned Tadji Airfield
Mark IX Beaufreighter
Beaufort A9-701 (A9-14)  abandoned Madang Airfield, scrapped
Beaufort A9-706 (A9-79)
Beaufort A9-717 (A9-235)  stored Wagga Wagga Airfield, sold and scrapped

Other Known Aircraft
Beaufort Vivigani  abandoned at Vivigani

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