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Mitsubishi / Nakajima Type 0 Carrier Fighter / A6M2 Model 21 Zero
List by manufacture number, pilot, other unidentified wrecks
List by Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) Manufacture Number
A6M2 Model 21
A6M2 641  crashed May 14, 1942 Wirraway Valley near Port Moresby
A6M2 645  pilot Ito crashed May 17, 1942
A6M2 646  crashed August 1942 near Milne Bay
A6M2 916  crashed near Darwin
A6M2 1393  ditched Henry Reid Harbor inside Wide Bay discovered 2012
A6M2 1575 Tail V-110  pilot Maeda force landed April 28, 1942
A6M2 2266 Tail BII-120  pilot Nishikaichi December 7, 1941 salvaged 2006 displayed Ford Island Museum
A6M2 2487  abandoned Ballale Airfield salvaged to beach area 2005
A6M2 2806  last model 21 manufactured by Mitsubishi
A6M2 2985  abandoned Ballale Airfield portions salvaged
A6M2 3277 Tail B1-151  pilot Fusata Iida crashed December 7, 1941
A6M2 3372 Tail V-172  pilot Inoue November 26, 1941
A6M2 Tail V-174  pilot Shimohigashi November 26, 1941
A6M2 3471  Houkoku 1033 abandoned Ballale Airfield
A6M2 3537  crashed Boera near Port Moresby
A6M2 3647 Tail V-103  crashed August - November 1942
A6M2 36_2  pilot Kawanishi crashed May 2, 1942
A6M2 3785  crashed near Nan Pohn Mal
A6M2 4362  abandoned Ballale Airfield
A6M2 4443  pilot Iwasaki crashed March 14, 1942
A6M2 4438  abandoned Lae Airfield
A6M2 4461  abandoned Ballale or Kahilli (component dataplate)
A6M2 4573 Tail V-179  abandoned Lae Airfield reportedly wreckage recovered to United States
A6M2 4593 Tail D1-108  pilot Koga crashed June 4, 1942
A6M2 4688 Tail V-179  Houkoku 490 abandoned Lae Airfield
A6M2 4698  abandoned Lae Airfield
A6M2 5194  fate unknown
A6M2 5289 Tail AI-154  pilot Hirano crashed December 7, 1941
A6M2 5349 Tail BII-124  pilot Toyoshima shot down February 19, 1942 Melvile Island
A6M2 5355  abandoned Ballale Airfield
A6M2 5359  abandoned Vila Airfield
A6M2 5356 Tail EII-102  abandoned Ballale Airfield salvaged 1968 displayed CAF, Ford Island Museum
A6M2 5450 Tail EII-140  abandoned Ballale Airfield salvaged 1968 displayed NMNA Pensacola
A6M2 5451 Tail W1-150  abandoned Ballale / Kara / Kahilli salvaged 1968 tail Planes of Fame / Tsucasa Kai
A6M2 5452  abandoned Vila Airfield
A6M2 5459  abandoned Ballale salvaged 1968 by Robert Diemert sold to Blayd Corporation
A6M2 Zero 5639 Tail V-1??  force landed at Lae Airfield
A6M2 5779 Tail V-171  Houkoku 550 abandoned Lae Airfield
A6M2 5784 Tail V-173  abandoned Gasmata Airfield
A6M2 5999  crashed June 16, 1943 on Guadalcanal
A6M2 6345  abandoned Ballale Airfield
A6M2 6544 Tail A1-1-129  pilot Tanaka crashed February 4, 1943
A6M2 7434  abandoned Ballale Airfield salvaged 2005
A6M2 7830  abandoned Ballale Airfield salvaged by Robert Diemert 1968
A6M2 8220  force landed Russell Islands captured by American forces
A6M2 8224  ditched Kimbe discovered 2000
A6M2 9410  abandoned Solomons
A6M2 22089  built by Nakajima during the end of November 1943. Abandoned Eten Island
A6M2 31574 Tail Y2-176  abandoned Taroa Airfield salvaged 1991 restoration Vintage Aircraft Ltd.
A6M2 31870 Tail 53-122  ditched January 18, 1945 salvaged 1972 displayed Tokyo Science Museum
A6M2 51553 Tail 313  abandoned Kavieng, exported 1967 sold to USAF Museum and restored
A6M2 91113  aircraft did not have servo tabs
A6M2 91518  abandoned Colonia salvaged 1980 displayed Harada collection / Kawaguchiko Car Museum
A6M2 92717  abandoned Colonia salvaged 1980 displayed Harada collection / Kawaguchiko Car Museum

List of Zero losses by pilot
A6M2 pilot Arita  crashed May 1, 1942 over Port Moresby
A6M2 pilot Chiba  crashed February 1, 1943 over Russell Islands
A6M2 pilot Hidaka  crashed June 16, 1942
A6M2 pilot Kawato  field modified two seat Zero ditched March 9, 1945
A6M2 pilot Komori ditched/crashed May 29, 1942 near Iwaia, pilot killed resisting capture
A6M2 pilot Nagatomo  crashed February 28, 1942
A6M2 pilot Naito  crashed February 4, 1943
A6M2 pilot Oishi crashed March 14, 1942
A6M2 pilot Sakai crashed April 17, 1942 over the Owen Stanley Mountains
A6M2 pilot Shigemi  crashed February 4, 1943 off New Georgia
A6M2 pilot Tokushige crashed on August 17, 1942 near Gasmata
A6M2 pilot Yamaguchi crashed May 17, 1942 over the Owen Stanley Mountains
A6M2 pilot Yamazaki crashed May 22, 1942 at junction of Watut River and Markham River
A6M2 pilot Yoshi’e  crashed April 5, 1942 over Port Moresby fate of the pilot unknown crash dubbed "Zero Creeek"
A6M2 pilot Yosh'ii  crashed March 23, 1942 Morris Hill (Zero Hill) near Port Moresby
A6M2 pilot Yoshino  crashed June 9, 1942 near Cape Ward Hunt
A6M2 pilot Kudo  crashed March 3, 1942 off Broome
A6M2 pilot Watanabe  crashed May 25, 1942

Rabaul Field Modified Two Seat Zero
A6M2 31870 Tail 53-122  ditched January 18, 1945 salvaged 1972 displayed Tokyo Science Museum
A6M2 pilot Kawato  ditched March 9, 1945

Other Known Aircraft
A6M2 Tail 33 (X-133, X2-133)  abandoned at Babo Airfield, recovered 1991 used in restoration
A6M2 Tail U-107 pilot Murakami ditched September 11, 1942
A6M2 Tail <  abandoned at Lae Airfield
A6M2 Cape Ward Hunt crashed Cape Ward Hunt
A6M2 Gasmata abandoned Gasmata Airfield
A6M2 ditched Gizo ditched into Gizo Harbor
A6M2 piloted by Harada crashed October 17, 1942
A6M2 Houkoku 1045 abandoned Ballale Airfield salvaged 1968 by Robert Diemert
A6M2 Houkoku 529 crashed New Guinea
A6M2 Kamimbo ditched near Cape Esperance wreckage salvaged to beach
A6M2 Karu ditched upside down
A6M2 Nivani ditched May 7, 1942 off Nivani island / Deboyne Lagoon
A6M2 Tail D1-158 force landed near Nugu Point near Cape Esperance on Guadalcanal
A6M2 Tail 159 force landed Roi
A6M2 Tail 03-08 abandoned Kataoka Airfield salvaged 2003 by Hunt brothers, stored in United Kingdom
A6M2 Coastwatchers Memorial abandoned Tobera Airfield displayed at Coastwatchers, sunk as dive site
A6M2 Ballale abandoned at Ballale Airfield
A6M2 Taroa abandoned Taroa Airfield, salvaged 1989, fate unknown
A6M2 ditched Visale near Cape Esperance on Guadalcanal
A6M2 ditched Wewak Harbor ditched off Wewak
A6M2 Pearl Harbor shot down December 7, 1941 clock displayed Arizona Museum
A6M2 Ballale abandoned Ballale Airfield, crash landed upside down
A6M2 Ballale abandoned Ballale Airfield, center section only
A6M2 Kokopo Museum displayed at Kokopo Museum
A6M2 Kara abandoned at Kara Airfield
A6M2 Kara 2 abandoned at Kara Airfield
A6M2 Wei Island ditched upside down off Wei Island
A6M2 Nauru Airfield abandoned Nauru salvaged by Stan Gajda 1995
A6M2 Tail 1157 captured Munda Airfield early August 1943, salvaged to Guadalcanal
A6M2 Tol force landed or crashed
A6M2 13?? ditched Henry Reid Harbor discovered May 3, 2012
A6M2 Q-111 abandoned Lae Airfield
A6M2 Zero abandoned Colonia Airfield
A6M2 ditched Malapau ditched near Kokopo
A6M2 Vunakanau displayed at Tobera
A6M2 Embi Lakes salvaged 2001
A6M2 W1-187 (6-136) tail recovered from Ballale by Robert Diemert 1968

A6M2 Zero Tail A1-1-129 (Reconstruction)  built by Blayd Corporation displayed at Fargo Air Museum/Texas Flying Legends Museum Contribute Information
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